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Screen Shot 2015 07 09 at 9.24.38 AMTwitter can be such a useful tool at times to bring people together, especially when the tweets are all coming from one great event like the Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference.

Here's a snapshot of my top 10 favourite tweets from the past 24 hours at Bridge. What great reminders!

Rachel Muir ‏@rachelmuir
How nonprofits are like broccoli: we're doing good work and we assume people will want it. Cook it differently for bigger impact! #bridge15

Moira KavanaghCrosby ‏@mkdm
The power of storytelling: So true via @j1berger "No one tells bedtime facts; they tell bedtime stories." #bridge15

Lynn Croneberger ‏@LynnCroneberger
"Stories are the currency of conversation" #bridge15

Rachel Muir ‏@rachelmuir
In a room of 100 fundraisers only 3 knew their donors average age. Age informs EVERYTHING! Is this you? #bridge15

Stasha Carrasquillo ‏@StashaSays
YES! "47% of Millennials believe the purpose of business is to improve society" - @SonalRShah #bridge15 #millennials

Angela Stoutenburgh ‏@astoute2
Networked, not linear. Collaborative, not siloed. Bottom up, not top down. Exponential. Open. Trends are changing. @SonalRShah #bridge15

AlisonOWheeler ‏@AlisonOWheeler
What is your peanut butter? What is the thing in the environment that will remind people of your org? #bridge15 #marketing

Kathy Swayze, CFRE ‏@impactkathy
To be remarkable & get conversation going, you have to take risks. #bridge15 @j1berger #storytelling

abporter ‏@abporter
How can we make supporters feel like insiders? Smart, special and in the know. #bridge15

Barb Perell ‏@barbperell
Doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it matters that you engage them and they share your message. @j1berger #bridge15 @BridgeConf

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