Tanya Hirsch

With an energizing personality, Tanya Hirsch has been leading engagement center team members for 14 years and solidifying and maintaining client relationships within the nonprofit industry for just as long.

Tanya's track record speaks for itself by driving solutions for clients and managing their partnerships for FineLine as our Client Marketing Manager. Tanya works closely with clients and has built up their confidence to trust her expert judgement when making key decisions about these strategic partnerships. She is an out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about the clients and causes with whom she works.

Tanya zest for social change is front and center not only at work, but in her personal life. She volunteers within her community in care homes, community events, and recreational centers as she strongly believes in paying it forward by sharing her experiences, and learning from others. She reinforces her true passion for life, "I believe one person can make a difference, no matter how small. I am passionate about leaving a better planet for future generations that the one I lived in."

Tanya is also passionate about travel and enjoys being able to learn from the different cultures she meets along the way. Continuously educating herself, Tanya has three languages under her belt and is learning two more so that she can travel the world and change lives. As Tanya said, "When I see someone who needs help, I do it – no questions." She spends her free time learning new recipes and activities, crafting and gardening.

Describing herself as a visual thinker (and if you see her fabulous wardrobe you know it's true), Tanya has the ability to take hold of a great idea and grow it into something big. This is one woman to watch out for! 

Powering the world to do well by doing good.