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Tamara McLellan

Tamara has been falling in love with causes and companies since 2005. And if you give her anytime at all, she'll tell you about "the moment her life changed" in Ottawa when she saw John Wood (author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World) speak at a conference. 

Since that moment she has traveled to and volunteered in Africa, India and Central America.

She spent the early years of her career learning about marketing, social media, and communications in a wide variety of businesses and became the Vice President of a small marketing agency at 23. After volunteering in the bankenvelds of Africa, a slum in India, and the fields of El Salvador, she realized a true passion for International Development. But she knew change had to come from within and we have to start at home to contribute to the global environment. She spent some time in the agriculture industry, which was eye opening and sparked a true passion for food production, food security, and farmers in general, before finding her home at FineLine. She is also currently completing an International Development diploma through UBC. 

I guess you could say Tamara has always had one foot in the business world and the other fully immersed in causes, people, and communities that speak to her heart. She is known for diving into things she loves heart-first and volunteers in her local community of Kelowna, B.C. with the Kelowna Women's Shelter, I.W.E.N (Intercultural Women's Education Network), TEDx Kelowna, and the Okanagan ChangeMakers. She adores her family and friends, and tries to be outside as much as possible. Interests include travel, cooking, wine, yoga, meditation, hiking, and camping.

A serial volunteer for the past ten years, Tamara has been working to find a company that integrates with non-profits and their brands, ultimately putting donors first. When she saw the passion that FineLine has for helping the world, she knew it was the right place for her. 

Powering the world to do well by doing good.