Cindy Chorney

Ask anyone within FineLine who they go to when they get "stuck" and the answer is likely Cindy. Cindy went from a start in the finance department 25 years ago, to now leading an entire orchestra of FineLiners in synchronized step with our clients to deliver results.

Cindy grew up in Brandon Manitoba – the baby of six siblings. Following her father's footsteps in Management she relocated to Winnipeg when she was 19 years old to pursue a career in business. Working at organizations such as Nygard International as a Production Manager, it became apparent to Cindy that her passion was for Management and Customer Service. Fortunate to have been offered a position within the Finance department at FineLine when she was 25; Cindy quickly evolved through all aspects of the organization and was instrumental in the launch and implementation of FineLine's call center platform currently used today.

Cindy is a detail oriented person ensuring that her team is equipped to achieve successful and sustainable levels of Donor Engagement. Cindy also carries a knack for detail in relation to financial and database management. After twenty five (plus) years at FineLine, Cindy proudly holds the position of Senior Account Manager, where she directs and coordinates with her Team all activities concerned with Donor Engagement and Strategic Development. Cindy works closely with all levels of internal and external customers to achieve strategic partnerships for client growth and success!

Cindy is an avid golfer and very proud cheerleader to her children. It is well known that Cindy can be the loudest in the cheering section at her daughter's volleyball tournaments! She is a single mother of two successful daughters. Her oldest daughter is a Sales Representative for an international distributor and her youngest daughter is pursuing a University degree in Faculty of Education.

Cindy's passion is working with her many clients of the Non Profit sector to enable them to have a positive impact on the world.

Powering the world to do well by doing good.