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Tanya Hirsch

With an energizing personality, Tanya Hirsch has been leading engagement center team members for 14 years and solidifying and maintaining client relationships within the nonprofit industry for just as long.

Bernie Vasallo

Bernie Vasallo came to FineLine in 2008 with extensive experience in information technology strategic planning and implementation, system and network administration, systems analysis and design, programming and web development.

Cindy Chorney

Ask anyone within FineLine who they go to when they get "stuck" and the answer is likely Cindy. Cindy went from a start in the finance department 25 years ago, to now leading an entire orchestra of FineLiners in synchronized step with our clients to deliver results.

Kimberly Paluch

Kimberley Paluch is our Operations Manager at FineLine. Her extensive experience and calming attitude have contributed to creating a stable environment for our CEOs (Customer Experience Owners), which allows them to engage directly with donors, customers and fans to build lasting relationships with clients and deliver results.

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