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Grow your donors … Retain your donors ...
Raise more with your donors

We make your donors your biggest supporters! Through high touch service anytime and any way, we connect your donor’s passion with your mission.

Our donor engagement and retention strategies are proven to deliver on your mission and business goals. All of our programs are based on four basic principles that donors want: Make it easy for me, add value for me, personalize my experience, and provide access anytime, anywhere and with any device.

Inbound Fundraising Our fundraising program develops plans and executes on key engagement paths in order to drive higher donations. In addition, we provide the right information at the right time so your donors can support you in ways you need. Delivering a solid ROI with each one of our partnerships allows us to create an environment of innovation and passion for your donors. Read More
Educate your donors on the best way to support your mission Donors that want to support your mission are often not aware of the best ways to do this. Our team provides the right education on your programs and work so that a higher support is realized. Through strategic scripting, in-depth program information, our front line team are highly trained to communicate with your donors in ways that deliver long term commitments. Read More
Three step mail strategy Direct mail donors that choose to engage through the mail still want personalized connection with your organization. Our three step mail strategy makes it easy for the donor to know how to continue to support. Through added value communication strategies and timely service, donors understand what their donations are being used for and also receive a thank you receipt. Read More
Monthly programs that drive lifetime value Monthly donors are passionate and want to be connected to your mission so they can truly effect change. Our monthly program starts the conversation with how monthly giving can help move the mission forward. We educate and inform on the impact of a monthly donation, position the monthly amount into a daily amount that is easily understood. We also take care of processing the donations through key partnerships with payment gateways. The combination of this service offering ensures that your donors feel connected and empowered to truly make a difference. Read More
experienceONE: On Demand Service accessed any time and with any device Our ON DEMAND program integrates physical and digital experiences. This unique platform provides donors with choices to engage with you anytime, anywhere and with any device. With exponential adoption of smart phones, our self service program identifies donors that are using their smart phone and provides an option to interact via their Smartphone. This efficient and effective method of engagement provides an easy way to support your organization and all at the donor’s fingertips! Read More
Donor Thank you Programs We believe that we cannot thank our donors enough! Our strategically planned thank you program, delivers a deep connection with your donors, while gaining key information so you can be relevant in future communication. Thanking your donors, while learning why they chose your charity, can make the difference whether you can retain them or not. Read More
Front of the Line Service All donors are not the same, so why are we treating them all the same? Our Front of the Line program provides planned donor segment with high touch, immediate engagement. This type of program can ensure that your high value donors are receiving a well deserved high touch experience. Read More
In house Donor services Training Programs Through our 20+ years of focusing on donors and what they want, we have developed an award winning training program. This training is the foundation of all training plans that delivers a donor facing service team. We help organizations move from transactional to relationship services that are relevant, add value and personalize the donor experience. Read More
Donor experience program – Creating Raving FANS We all know how intense and passionate sports fans are, imagine if your donors felt the same way about your mission and organization! Our experience program works with organizations to create a culture of service that consistent delivers on those WOW experiences. Starting with donor journey mapping to the defining of planned experiences, our teams work together to understand the current gaps and build a repeatable experience journey that is measurable and builds lifetime relationships with your donors. Read More
How to turn a cost center into a revenue center Traditional donor service teams have been viewed as internal cost centers and frequently the last department that the organization thinks of. Our revenue program, works closely with your team to define, train and integrate into the organization so that your donors can receive the service they expect. Through our strategic programs we help your team become educational conservationists, that add value to the donor, personalize their experience, make it easy for the donor and all while raising service-more monies with each engagement. Read More
Multichannel donor engagement Studies have shown that people watch TV, while on their tablet and choose to use the phone to interact. This type of multichannel requires that your organization has a consistent service delivery across all channels. Our experienceONE program defines service plans and deploys one service program across your website, the phone and email. This unique ability to develop once and deploy across channels results in savings as well as the delivery of a consistent brand voice. Read More
Social programs that drive Social Ambassadors Many of us are very good at doing social networks. We schedule messages that we believe are relevant to be sent out at certain times. As our followers grow we believe we have achieved success. Our social programs involve social engagement with your fans that result in increased followers, but also develop brand ambassadors that are excited to amplify your messages. Being social is key to engagement and our team has in depth experience with this. We also have effective social employee engagement and cause marketing programs that help your corporate partners create social ambassadors with your brand. Read More
Impact conversations that drive connection We have all heard that donors want to understand what their donations are used for. Our team delivers impact conversations that not only inform, but educate. This unique combination takes your organizations need for funding and converts the conversation into relevant engagement strategies. Your donors want to support you, but often are not sure how and for what. Through impact conversations we take complex asks into a conversation that donors can understand and support. Read More
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