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In this edition of Voice of the Donor, six year old Emilie Phelps talks about how she heard about the Nepal Earthquake disaster and decided that this year, for her sixth birthday, she was going to ask for donations to send to build classrooms in Nepal so that the children there could have fun like she does in school.

She is a great example of the new generation of donors who will pave the way to a world of change.

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to Michael Hannigan of Athens, Texas. Michael has been committed to wearing a blue shirt for almost 365 days in support of his town's Go Blue campaign - a local awareness campaign for Child Abuse:

Why are we running the #VOD campaign?

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to Dr. Jen Welter of Dallas, Texas. In 2014, Jen took the world of professional football by storm as the first woman to play men's professional football as Running-Back (non-kicker/ place-holder). She supports the Wounded Warrior Amputee Flag Football team by playing with them every chance she gets!

Why are we running the #VOD campaign?

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to Subomi Plumptre of Lagos, Nigeria. Subomi is an avid donor for the Freedom Foundation - www.freedomfoundationng.com - whom are combatting poverty and supporting vulnerable women and children in Nigeria.

Subomi discusses her role as a long-time donor of the organization.

Why are we running the #VOD campaign?

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to Steve Mesler of Calgary, Canada in a new part of the series that focuses on those that have created a foundation or non-profit organization. Steve won the Gold Medal in the Bobsled for the U.S.A Olympic Team in 2010. He co-founded the organization Classroom Champions - www.classroomchampions.org - with his sister in 2009.

Steve talks about how the organization came to be what it is today, along with interesting facts about his donor base and how they strive to create experiences for their donors.

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to Paula Ethans of Winnipeg, Canada. Paula began donating at age nine to CARE Canada and is still with them as an annual donor today.

Paula talks about her aha moment that caused her to want to donate at such a young age, how she selected the organization (CARE), as well as her experience as such a young donor that resulted in her becoming a lifelong donor.

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, we talk to David Van Leeuwen of New York City. David is passionate about economic and social empowerment and ensuring that everyone has access and tools for growing their economic and social situations. David donated a large sum of money to the National Urban League and describes his experience in doing so.

Moral of the story: There is real passion at the individual donor level. Always take time to remember the smaller donors and work to engage them for lifelong giving.

Saranah Holmes is the Founder of the Daily Do Good.

In this edition of Voice of the Donor, she talks about her giving strategy of donating on the 1st and 15th of every month, and how that has impacted her ability to ultimately do more good in the world.

The Daily Do Good is an online community with a mission to help spread kindness one person at a time, one day at a time. Through event listings, newsletters and more, they serve individuals looking to pay it forward.

As Saranah says, "It takes just one person to start a revolution of giving back."


At FineLine, we are passionate about being advocates for donors around the world.

Every month we interview a new candidate for our Voice of the Donor campaign. Fineline VOD Logo 

What is Voice of the Donor? 

Over the past 20 years of our work, we have seen a gap between non-profit organizations and donors. This is no one's fault, but it keeps getting wider.

As non-profits have to tighten up resources, they lack the time to intimately get to know their donors. As the world becomes more transparent, donors want to know more about where their money is going and how it's being used to make a difference.

We want to advocate for donors, to humanize them, and to ultimately showcase what donors want from their relationship with non-profit organizations.

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