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donation by generationEvery generation gives differently. They give to different kinds of charities, different total sums of money, and towards different causes. So it's important that non-profit organizations analyze the donor habits of Boomers, Gen Y, Gen X, and Civics in order to properly target and maximize donations of the current and future donor base.

Blackbaud, a research company geared towards analyzing issues in the public sector, conducted a study in 2010 to unpack some of the specificities of donating, broken down by generations.

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Fundraiser trends (aka what attracts donations) are constantly changing in our fast paced world. Today, donors expect the same great responsive service that the private sector provides.

It's an exciting time, as non-profit organizations shift in order to track these three fundraising trends to attract more donations, create convenience, and cater to the wants and needs of donors.

donor giving trendsThis year there are three major trends growing within the public sector. Non-profits should learn more about:

  • the integration of corporate channels
  • analyzing the big picture (with big data), and
  • increasing communication and cooperation with other public sector firms

The way to engage with donors is constantly changing. One minute they want charts, graphs, and numbers, and the next minute they want personal stories from the field. One day calling donors on their landline is a great idea, and a few years later you're told that mode of communication is outdated and ineffective.

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