FineLine Solutions Inc.
  • Aligning Customer Experience
    for Top Line Growth
    For over 40 years, FineLine has been helping people
    and organizations have a positive impact on our
    world. Listening and engaging directly with customers
    and donors through multiple channels, gives FineLine
    the unique ability to provide the right solutions for
    extending reach, developing lasting relationships
    and delivering meaningful results.
  • Engagement Strategy
    Service is a critical driver of customer retention
    and profitable growth. Customers have a choice and
    expect to have great experiences when engaging
    with your organization.

    FineLine will provide you with the right solutions
    for extending reach, developing lasting relationshipts
    and delivering meaningful results.
  • Service Blueprint
    Everyone is our customer! How many of us treat our
    internal staff, our vendors or our partners as customers?
    A service blueprint within your organization can drive
    higher performance, innovation and a culture that
    welcomes continuous improvement.

    FineLine will partner with your organization and take your
    staff down a journey of service, results in service standards,
    efficiencies and a community of service leaders.
  • Training Solutions
    Service excellence is possible through training and
    quality programs. Empowering staff to go the extra mile
    for your customers and provide memorable experiences
    is a key factor to driving loyalty.

    FineLine’s training solutions provide the right training
    for your staff in order to deliver the “wow” experiences
    your customers are expecting.
  • Matrix Measurement
    Measuring the right data enables organizations
    to make more calculated decisions. Information
    at the right time, can assist your staff in making
    the right decisions that will deliver results.

    FineLine has developed a matrix measurement
    methodology that ensures decision data is available
    daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This enables
    trending, planned changes, testing and celebrating!


Engage through multichannel service.


Build strong bonds with customers.


Establish a revenue service center.


We are boundless in the delivery of service excellence for our clients.

So much so, that our new website is still under development.


It's not what we say or do that people remember, it's how we make them feel. At FineLine, we take pride in bringing solid business solutions to your attention that not only achieve stronger relationships with your donors and customer but provides you with top line growth. A true partnership is when both parties bring their individual strengths and what they're good at to the table for the purpose of achieving better results. With FineLine as your partner, together we'll extend your reach, develop higher value relationships and deliver meaningful results.

— Polly Craik, President and CEO